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Dry Out Methods

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Water Dry Out Methods Dry-out Methods for water restoration

As many of you are starting to see, Dry It Fast Structural Drying company in one of North Florida’s only WFDS Certified structural drying companies. While Dry It FAST is widely know for its ability to handle large commercial losses and institutional water losses all while keeping businesses open and producing income, they are also very well known for their ability to dry small and large residential losses as well. They are able to do this with their new technology called TES which stands for Thermal Energy Systems. TES is the most cost effective method for restoration that involves water. As you will discover in this section, we delve deeper into the two accepted methods of dry out. The first being conventional and the second being TES. Please look in the sidebar to the right and discover each link that will take you to multiple videos that show each method and on that page we will go into greater detail on when and why each method should be used.

Watch this video to see TES in action during a Dry Out

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