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Many property owners tell us that they were forced into using a “Preferred Vendor”, which can spell disaster and more headaches, than you need to be dealing with!

Your FIRST step BEFORE calling your insurance company should be to call an Expert Water Damage Mitigation company that handles insurance claims daily.

We have helped 1000’s of clients over the past 32 years.


When you suffer a water damage loss it is critically important that you be properly advised of you rights. In the state of Florida new insurance regulations gives more control to property owners. Now, property owners that find themselves needing a water damage restoration company are able to hire outside of the “Preferred Vendor” list. This allows homeowners to hire a company that now has their best interest in mind. For years many large and secondary insurance carriers would coherence policy owners into believing they HAD to use the insurance companies vendor. This is no longer the case. Florida state law leaves the decision on who YOU decide to use for you water extraction and restoration totally up to you.

Water Restoration

Revolutionary new equipment uses HEAT to dry wet structures. When we use heat we rapidly increase evaporation which means FASTER dry times, less secondary damage and mold growth reduction.


24 Hr. Emergency Water Removal

Our water damage company is open 24 hours a day and we are here and ready to assist. You will speak with a “seasoned” technician when you call. Not a receptionist or an answering service.


Restoration Services

With the increase in new communication technology, including iPhone’s and iPad’s, we are able to assist you immediately at the job site. Our software and integrated Insurance Pricing platforms increase claim acceptance and speedy claims processing.

Mold Remediation Jacksonville FL

When water damage occurs from a broken pipe or failed appliance the secondary damage that can occur if a structure is not extracted and dried properly is Mold Growth. Don’t fall victim to poor quality drying and inferior technicians with lousy equipment. Call the professionals that are IICRC Certified for Structural Drying. (904)-287-1600


HEAT Is Our Secret Weapon

TES stands for Thermal Energy System and represents a practical way to implement a new understanding of the Science of Drying that allows restorers to dry wet structures at least twice as fast as ever before! TES will completely dry Class 1 and 2 water losses involving up to 1500 sq. ft. in 72 hours or even faster! Class 3 and 4 losses will take longer to dry but will still dry dramatically faster than conventional drying systems.

You have several choices when it comes to hiring a Water Removal Company. We ask that you simply call us and allow my team the opportunity to help you. I give you my word, we are very good and we take every step of our restoration project very seriously.